Dear readers,

This space called “Blog,” while curated by the Diocese of Massachusetts Office of Global Mission, is not the word, nor the thoughts of our Office.  Rather, it is a compilation of submissions by congregations throughout our Diocese, reflecting on the impact, lessons learned, questions, and hopes that have come out of their experience in Global Mission.  While we will try to establish a context to introduce each submission, the “blogs” on these pages are those of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Diocese of Massachusetts defines Global Mission in terms of relationship building, for it is only through getting to know one another that we can come to love our neighbor, and in turn, to care about the justice required to restore the Kingdom of God.  We articulate Global Mission as:

Global Mission is a journey into God’s Mission, through formational pilgrimage and relationship building with communities from contexts different than our own- whether by virtue of culture, geography, background or experience- with the purpose of accompaniment, understanding, reconciliation, and justice.

Each congregation, each person, comes to the journey of Global Mission from a different place.  It is our goal to meet them at that place, where they are, and to accompany them on a journey through a series of next steps.  As a result, the reader will experience a wide variety of perspectives and interpretations.  All are valid.  All are authentic.  All give us something to think about.

We welcome your reactions, your questions, and your own stories.  To have them posted here, please submit them to Lauren Zook, Administrator of Global Mission, at lzook@diomass.org.