Mission Tithe Matching Grants (MTMG) are made possible through the “Together Now” Capital Campaign completed by the Massachusetts Diocese, where a tithe of 10% of all funds raised was earmarked for mission. There are several grants available, as described below. All grants are designated for “Global Mission,” defined as “a journey into God’s Mission, through formational pilgrimage and relationship building with communities from contexts different than our own- whether by virtue of culture, geography, background or experience- with the purpose of accompaniment, understanding, reconciliation, and justice.” All are Matching grants, and require the applicant to raise an equivalent amount to the grant request.

Relational Grants:
Typical Focus Year 1:       Discern a new relationship; Establish a new relationship, or review an existing relationship, in light of the elements of healthy relational mission; Learn about each other; Spend time together; Limited travel, room, and board.

Typical Focus Year 2:       Build relationship, Joint problem solving and strategic planning; Support for on-the-ground development efforts, including activities like community organizing, leadership development, capacity building; Projects identified and supported by partners; Mutual travel by partners; Very limited travel, room, and board by US parties.

 Pilgrimage for Formation (Youth and Adult) Grants:
Typical Focus:    Visit a congregation or community where cultural difference exists. Hear their stories. Learn about their life- its joys, challenges, and struggles. Celebrate their gifts. Identify your own poverty. See God at work.

Refugee/Asylee Resettlement Ministry Grants:
Typical Focus:    Develop friendship with local refugees; form partnership with local refugee resettlement agencies; support long-term integration into the community; assist with emergency medical expenses, legal expenses, job training, professional certifications, and other one-time, non-consumable expenses beyond the assistance provided by resettlement agencies. 

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