Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. 


In the journey of global mission, we find that despite individual differences we are stronger together than alone. We may be in a different place on the journey, but we are all responding to God’s call to strive for justice and participate in the work of recreating His kingdom.

As we’ve all experienced, Global Mission relationships aren’t always easy.  There are so many unknowns.  You wonder whether you’re on the same page.  You wonder whether your expectations of the relationship are aligned.  While the cultures of Africa are many across that great continent, we all face challenges.  We all feel a bit vulnerable.  And yet we can’t escape the amazing experience of being with people of such deep and permeating faith, where God is regularly called into public conversation, prayer, decisions, and observations. We envy the sense of family and community.  We envy the sense of abundance in the presence of scarcity.  We wish there was a way to recover some of these things in our own lives, congregations, and culture.

These things we share as fellow travelers on God s mission journey of reconciliation and justice, but between us and among us are the ideas, experiences, expertise, hopes, and resources necessary to:

  • Give us a sense of community- we are not along
  • Give us an opportunity to tell our stories
  • Give us a sense of appreciation for all of the work we do to maintain these relationships
  • Give us a place to share, and to learn
  • Give us a place to develop resources for others- especially those new to the journey of mission
  • Give us a place to develop collective action, when those we care about are threatened

Some topics are common to all groups, such as engaging the congregation, fundraising and community organizing.  Others are common, but become specific to geography and/or culture, including topics of universal access to education and healthcare, food security, and the empowerment of women.  And other topics are specific to current events and their impact on our partners,  including issues around immigration policy, living with gang violence, epidemics, drought, forced migration and government corruption.