2018 Global Mission Summit Schedule

Partnering with God: From the Theological to the Practical Implications of Answering God’s Call into Mission”

Saturday, April 21, 2018

 Time                                  Activity                                                             Location

7:00-8:00    Presenter Registration/Display set up                                 Cathedral

8:30-9:00     Registration w. light breakfast/Table Displays                     Cathedral/Lower Sproat

9:00-9:10     Welcome/Housekeeping                                                     Cathedral

9:10-9:30     Opening Speaker- Setting the Tone/Purpose                       Cathedral

9:30-10:30   Group Presentation w. Table Discussion                             Cathedral

10:30-10:45  Break                                                                                 Cathedral

10:45-11:45  Theological Workshops w. 30 min discussion (6 tracks)    Assigned Classrooms

11:45-12:00  Table Displays/Networking                                               Lower Sproat/ Cathedral

12:00-12:45  Lunch                                                                               Lower Sproat/ Cathedral

12:45-1:45   Keynote Speaker                                                                Cathedral

1:45-2:00     Break                                                                                 Cathedral

2:00-3:00   Practical Workshops w. 30 min discussion(6 tracks)             Assigned Classrooms

3:00-3:15   Break                                                                                    Cathedral

3:15-4:00   Eucharist- w Anointing of the Ears                                       Cathedral

4:00-4:30   Closing and Departure                                                         Cathedral

4:30-5:30   JGM Debrief in Lawrence Room                                     Lawrence Room


Summit Workshops (by Track)

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Cathedral of St. Paul, 138 Tremont St, Boston, Massachusetts 02111
Organized by the Jubilee Global Mission Committee and the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. 


Mission FormationTrack:

  • Morning Workshop:
    Called to Mission: Our Christian Witness
    Presenters : The Rev. Ted Gaiser  & The Rev. Holly Hartman
    For Christians, mission is more than something we "do," it is part of our identity as people of faith. We will explore our Christian call to mission as we reflect on Christian scripture and teaching. Participants will practice articulating their own understanding of Christian mission and leave with formation resources for their parish communities.
  • Afternoon Workshop:
    Forming Spiritual Community for Mission
    Presenters: The Rev. Ted Geiser  &  The Rev. Holly Hartman
    Participating in global mission requires cultivating an intentional way of being and creating community. We will discuss how to prepare, nurture, and leave the spiritual community necessary for global mission. We will also discuss how to deal with spiritual challenges that might arise during or after a trip.

Discernment for Mission Track:

  • Morning Workshop:
    Hearing the Call:  How do we listen to God?Presenters: Jennifer McCracken  & Bernardine Chan
    What does listening to God have to do with mission? How do we sense God's call? It's normal to wonder: What does God sound like?  How do I know it's God?  How do I invite the call?  We will focus on how and why it is necessary to ground our global mission partnerships in the discernment of God's will rather than our own.
  • Afternoon Workshop:
    Responding to the Call: Practices of Discernment
  • Presenters: Jenny Grant, The Rev. Dan Horgan & The Rev.Suzanne Wade
    Hear three people active in mission share their experiences of discernment.  How did their discernment impact their mission work? In particular they will discuss how scripture, prayer, conversation, and quiet supported them in hearing and responding to God's call.

Models of Mission Track:

  • Morning Workshop:
    New Models for Today's World
    Presenter: The Rev. Dr. Titus Presler
    Evolution in mission models over the last several decades has provided parishes and individuals with new opportunities. How do we understand the spiritual and theological foundations of companionship, pilgrimage, reconciliation, and God's purpose of mission in these models?  Attending both morning and afternoon workshops in this track is recommended but not required.
  • Afternoon Workshop:
    Opportunities for Mission Collaboration
    Presenters: Sharon Bogue & The Rev. Dr. Titus Presler
    We will have a round-table discussion about mission models that are active in DioMass and will highlight opportunities for mission collaboration in our diocese and beyond. We will explore the Five Steps to Global Mission from GEMN (Global Episcopal Mission Network) and Guidelines for Mission Companionship.

Social Justice as Mission Track:

  • Morning Workshop:
    Spiritual Foundations for Social Justice as Mission
    Presenters: The Rev. Dr. Moses Sowale   &                   The Rev. Philip Kuhn
    As Moses and Philip share their experiences, participants will explore theological and spiritual lenses for social justice in Christian mission. What are the inherent tensions when we, as people from a country in the Global North, try to impose or seek social justice for our mission partners living in the Global South? How do we prepare ourselves to see past surface level problems and recognize the challenges of injustice our partners face?
  • Afternoon Workshop:
    Doing Justice: The Ongoing Work of Pursuing Right-Relationship
    Presenter: Natalie Finstad  & Yani Burgos (D4ECM)
    What about when you return home? How do we move beyond the "first step" of a mission trip to understanding and addressing the inequity in our world today? We will explore ways to be in right-relationship with global partners and how to address some of the underlying causes of inequity.



Mutuality in Mission Track:

  • Morning Workshop:
    Mutuality: What Can We Learn?
    Presenter : Elizabeth Boe
    Join Elizabeth to consider how we bring the mutuality we value as Christians into our global mission partnerships. How do we move into relationships open to the many gifts awaiting us? How do we develop the trust that enable people of other cultures to share their faith, their perspectives on life, and their hopes and dreams for our mission relationship?

  • Afternoon Workshop:
    Mutuality: Just Shut Up and Listen
    Presenter:  Kathy Bombara
    Listening to our partners is essential to mission that spans cultures. Kathy will share her experiences of a mission partnership in South Africa that involves several parishes in our diocese, including the joys and challenges of striving to have a relationship that shares vision, voice, and power.






Relationship Building in Mission Track:

  • Morning Workshop:
    Reconciliation: The Greatest Challenge and Only Hope for Building Relationships Across Difference
    Presenter: The Rev. Philbert Kalisa
    How can approaches to healing in areas of great trauma guide our global mission relationships? Philbert will share how his ministry of peace-building and community development has helped genocide offenders, survivors, and their families build relationships that transcend Rwanda’s painful past. Learn about how we can draw on REACH Rwanda’s story as a guide and the biblical mandate for reconciliation as a guide for our own global mission relationships.
  • Afternoon Workshop:
    Building a Relationship through Deep Listening
    Presenter: The Rev. Canon Bill Parnell
    Real and substantive relationship-building is key to our coming to know one another across churches, dioceses, communities, denominations and countries. Bill will share how an Indaba-inspired experience in New York, characterized by deep listening, can offer us an image of intentional pursuit of the quality of relationships fundamental to mission.