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How to Celebrate World Mission Sunday This February 11th!

The last Sunday before Lent (Sunday, Feb 11th) has been designated as World Mission Sunday in the Episcopal Church and around the world.  This is our opportunity to celebrate the gifts and transformation that mission engagement is bringing to our church; to encourage those who are already exploring global mission through their diocese, church, organization or as missionaries in the field; and to envision new opportunities to be transformed through partnering with God in mission.


Here are 7 ways that you can celebrate mission this year!

 1) Use a Special Liturgy for World Mission Sunday

Use this liturgy designed for World Mission Sunday and global mission-related services.  Download the PDF here.


 2) Do A Global Mission Book Study

Here are two great books that we recommend, to get you started. Check our Book Study Page for more information and to order books directly from our website.


 3) Adopt A Missionary

The Episcopal Church has many active missionaries serving in countries around the world. They can always use our prayers and encouragement.  Check their blogs, write them emails, pray for their health and discernment.  Visit our Adopt-a-Missionarypage for more information on ways to support our missionaries in the field.


4) Take Advantage of a 2018 Mission Opportunity

Check our 2018 Mission Opportunities Reference Sheet (PDF) for opportunities to engage in global mission around the world, or visit our Resources Page for more ideas.

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5) Look Into the Young Adult Service Corps or the Episcopal Volunteers in Mission Program

If you are 21 to 30 years old (or know someone who is) be sure to check the Young Adult Service Corps page. Older than 30? See the Episcopal Volunteers in Mission page for more information.


6) Watch An Inspirational Global Mission Video

Transformed by service in South Africa: Young Adult Service Corps

7) Develop A Global Mission Partnership