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Our Mission

The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts has defined Global Mission (GM) as a journey into God’s mission, through formational pilgrimage and relationship building with communities from contexts different from our own—whether by virtue of culture, geography, background, or experience—with the purpose of accompaniment, understanding, reconciliation, and justice.

The work of Jubilee Global Mission (JGM) is accomplished through the collaborative effort of committed volunteers from across the Diocese, all passionate in their desire to support congregations on their respective Global Mission journeys.

The following outlines a Vision of the future of GM in our Diocese, followed by the Mission of JGM, and the Goals they have established for themselves.  JGM will focus on Strategies that support the goals in ways that Reimagine what it means to be church, Connect congregations to one another and to the community, Engage with the world and peoples from contexts different from their own, and Embrace bold change, trying things that have not been tried before.  As such, JGM will live into the new Mission Strategy of the Diocese of Massachusetts. 

All congregations in the Diocese of Massachusetts understand and live into God’s mission of transformation, relationship, reconciliation, and justice, supporting one another in that journey both locally and globally.

JGM will support GM through Mission Formation, Communication, Infrastructure, and Community Building to support and accompany the congregations of Massachusetts in their own respective journeys into God’s mission.

1.       Mission Formation: More congregations engage in a process of Mission Formation that is rooted in our belief in accompaniment, being with and not doing for.

2.       Sharing Our Stories and Catalyzing Conversations: More congregations engage in conversation with each other about GM relationships (discerning, developing, or sustaining).

3.       Support Systems and Community Building: Global Mission support, connections, and resources are organized and accessible within our Diocese.

4.       Visibility: JGM is a visible and respected resource for GM expertise in our Diocese.


Standing Members

Jubilee Global Mission Chair Natalie Finstad is the Executive Director of the Leadership Development Insititute in Brookline, MA.  Trained in community organizing, she was co-founder of the NGO Tatua Kenya in Nairobi, where she lived for five years.  Tatua was the recipient of the 2012 Diocesan Council Grant.  She is currently a postulant for the diaconate.

The Rev. Dr. Kate Cress has served Church of Our Saviour, in Somerset, MA, since 2009 and deeply appreciates her parish’s commitment to mission. Two mission trips to Kenya, working with the Elewana Education Project in Amagoro and Tatua in Nairobi, have energized the congregation. As a former Senior Fulbright Scholar to the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, researcher in Cape Town, and teacher in Uganda, Kate has a longstanding love for Africa.

Karen Hotte has served as the Executive Director of the Global Episcopal Mission Network since 2014. She became passionate about mission after leading life-changing trips to El Salvador in 2005 and 2009, and she has since been engaged in mission in Ecuador, Haiti, and Colombia and youth mission in Puerto Rico. She is an active member of St. Gabriel’s Church, Marion.

Dr. Douglas Huber served on the Jubilee Committee of the Diocese of Massachusetts at its inception in 1998 and has served on the Jubilee board several times.  He has 40 years’ experience in global public health, program management, and project implementation and evaluation.  Douglas was a Volunteer for Mission (VFM) from the Diocese of Massachusetts and The Episcopal Church from 2002-2004 serving as the HIV/AIDS Advisor to the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA) in Nairobi.  He was active with Episcopal Partners for Global Mission (EPGM) in training and workshops for Episcopal missionaries.

The Rev. Noble Scheepers has been rector of Trinity Church, Marshfield, since 2015, where he has facilitated the discernment of a call to mission relationship with the Diocese of Cape Town, S. Africa.  Born, raised, and ordained in S. Africa, he has extensive experience in youth ministry and mission in S. Africa, Australia, and England. Noble believes it is imperative that connection through the church be sustained around the world, as a means to respond to social need and injustice. 

The Rev. Diane Wong is the Priest-in-Charge at St. John’s Church, Arlington.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, she developed a keen interest in the role of the church vis a vis the problems of the world.  Diane’s passion for mission was ignited during a pilgrimage to Guatemala shortly after she was ordained.  She went on to spend 4 years as a priest in Taiwan, before returning to the Diocese of Massachusetts.


Representative Members

Representative Members are elected by their respective Committee.

Communications Committee- vacant

Grants Committee- Sharon Bogue, member of Church of the Good Shepherd, Watertown, with mission relationships in Palestine.

Africa Network- The Rev. Maryalice Sullivan, retired rector of Trinity Church, N. Attleboro, with a mission relationship in Tanzania.

Haiti Network- Nick Candee, member of Parish of the Epiphany, Winchester, with a mission relationship in Haiti.

Latin America Network- vacant

Middle East Network- vacant



Support team

Laura Walta serves on the diocesan staff as the project director for global mission, a part-time position funded by the Together Now campaign.  She administers the grant programs and offers resources and logistical support for effective execution and sustainment of mission partnerships around the world.  The Rev. Holly Hartman is the deacon appointed for global mission partnerships.  She provides facilitation during congregational discernment and spiritual guidance throughout the mission experience. Lauren Zook is the global mission administrator.

Knowing that successful mission experiences depend on a balance of both spirit and logistics, they work together to ensure that congregations have access to all of the resources they might need.  They welcome inquiries from congregations that have questions, concerns or needs regarding a current global mission project, or those that are just beginning to think about engaging in mission beyond the diocese.  


Laura Walta at or 617-482-4826, ext. 422. 

The Rev. Holly Hartman at or 617-482-4826, ext. 351

Lauren Zook at or 617-482-4826, ext. 306